all kinds of steel props

steel adjustable props

we produce all styles of steel props,from 2-4meters with different design,heavy duty and light duty are avalible.


tripod used for steel props,we have different designs.


weight :7.5kgs used for steel props

single break wheel castor

we produce 6" castor with break or without break.

wheel castor with break

we produce 8" castor with break or without break.


we produce the item with different designs.

prop tube with wire pin as different designs as per customers' need.

base jack 500mm,600mm,800mm and screw tube 3.2mm,4mm,4.5mm

base jack hollow type or solid type,and surface treatment with hot dip zinc galv.

jack base with different sizes,500mm,660mm,800mm,1200mm,base plate with also different sizes.

eye bolt with different size,M12X90MM(120MM,150MM,200MM,230MM,etc)

caster wheel bolt or coupler bolt steel

adjustable prop nut with different designs.