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 scaffolding forged clamp
pressed &punched steel clamp
formwork& accessories
scaffolding fittings
cuplock system scaffold
ringlock system scaffold
drop froged clamps 48/60mm;48/76mm
drop forged couplers-england style
drop forged couplers-germany style
pressed coupler 5mm thickness
pressed coupler 3mm thicknes3
drop forged wing nut
board retainer clamp
butterfly coupler
ringlock rosette disc
tie rod 17mm
casting steel anchor nut
hexagonal nut
drop forged formwork clamp
heavy duty drop forged couplers
internal joiners
ladder clamp
pressed swivel girder clamps
pressed couplers 3mm thickness 48/76mm
drop forged clamps 48/76mm

formwork& accessories 

tie rod nut:made as malleable iron,diameter from 70mm-110mm

wire cliper for shuttering

wedge clmap with forging pin and casting pin ,body made as malleable iron,working load:110KN

screw jack base: steel plate:150mmx150mm,height:610mm

water stopper: high tensile malleable iron,pitch of threads 10mm,diameter of thread 17mm

snap pin

props:we produce all kinds of props in a wide range,it can meet all customers' need from all over the world.

made of ductile iron weight:1.07kgs

washer plate size:4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm

formwork clips malleable

wedge clamp with forged handle pin

steel corn

steel corn dia:75mm,100mm,110mm,120mm

formwork tensioner rapid

malleable prop nut

prop nut 60mm with handle or without handle

water stopper

we produce double water stopper and single water stopper and half stopper as per customers' need.

malleable iron screw handle or casting steel handle with different sizes

steel tie rod used for wing nut 17mm or 10mm dia

 steel tie rod  with different design.

48mm or 60mm prop nut with handle in different design.

steel corn size:120mm,75mm,50mm,etc

wing nut or anchor nut with different sizes and designs.

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