Drop Forged Coupler Weight:1.05kgs conform to:prEN-74-1:2002 EN-74-B Grade Cruciform and rotational stiffness test is certificated by European Authority.

droped forging swivel coupler weight:1.25kgs conform to prEN-74-C:2002 QUALITY:EN-74-B Grade

Germany Style Droped right angle coupler 48/48 Conform to:pr EN-74-C:2002 Quality:EN-74-B Grade

forged girder  clamp(body and cap forged material) Conform to:prEN74-C;2002 Quality:EN74-B Grade

Girder Gravlock Clamp Conform to:prEN474-C:2002 Quality:EN74-B Grade

forged putlog coupler with half T bolt +hook

retaining board clamp

forged swivel coupler with wedge,washer from 9mm-15mm thickness

forged double coupler with wedge

forged fixed clamp with one gravity

Forged Swive Coupler conform to EN74 and Bs1139 Standard, size 3-1/2"x2" (48/89mm)with UNC nut

Germany type fixed coupler 48.3x60.5mm

Germany type swivel coupler 48.3x60.5mm

American type forged double couplers

swivel girder coupler forged

italian type fixed clamp

italian type swivel clamp

forged joint pin

half coupler with wing nut or with lock pin